Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The best thing I ever wrote

In all honesty, I don't think I'm one to judge that. Overall, I don't see my writing as that good. I have a very difficult time composing papers, because I question myself so much. Something I would see as good, somebody else might not see as a quality piece of literature. Out of all the things I have wrote, my favortie has to be a story I wrote last year. It was about a fictional character, Sean, who had just gotten out of jail and ended up stalking down his ex-girlfriend, Katelyn, in an attempt to repay her for testifying against him. Katelyn ends up with an empty tank of gas and stuck on the side of the road. When Sean shows up, he takes her against her will. After driving for a long while, and talking to her he stops and gets her out of the car. He brings her into a barn and kills her. The story, to me, is much better on paper, but out of all the things I have wrote, this has to be favorite. I don't think it is only my favorite because I like the writing so well, it has some figurative meaning in my life too.

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