Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Nicest Thing Ever Said To Me

Maddi; She's my mini. We have the same hair, the same eyes, and the same bone structure. About the only thing different about us is our age and our voices. She's seven year old, and she's my half sister. Well, half by blood, whole by heart. I love her with every fiber of my being. This summer on one of our family bonding events I was playing with her in the pool; probably holding her in the deep end, since she loves to go in it but is to afraid to swim on her own, she said, "I hope I'm like you when I'm your age". It might not seem like something that would make your heart melt, but coming from a six (at the time) year old, it's so genuine and honest. We are almost alike, except the fact that her heart is about four times the size of mine (not literally). Maddi will end up looking like me, but she is going to be a much better person than I ever will be, and I'm so proud of her for the kindness she shares with people. I hope, in turn that some day, I can be like her.

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