Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The best writing teacher I've ever had

I have several english teachers that I have loved. I am not sure that I can chose between them. Mr. TerWee was my teacher all the way from 5th grade to 8th grade. He taught me some of the very most important things I use in my writing today. He shaped the strength from which I write upon and that is what makes him one of my greatest teachers. Sarge was my 9th grade english teacher. Most people will say that she is one of the toughest teachers they ever had, and boy was she. For some reason, though, I was able to really connect with her teaching and grow on it. Mrs. Sarar was my 10th grade english teacher, speech teacher, and is currently the teacher for my AP english class. She is tough, and funny, and fair, and helps. She listens and really connects with students, to try and help them understand their writing better. Out of all these teachers I could not pick. They have all helped to shape the style and form of my writing, so much. Together they have made one pretty amazing student. :)

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