Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Library Memories

I can't say I have too many library memories. Most of them are filled with shelf stocking at a young age, checking out books, and watching the librarian try to get people to be quiet, and making more of a scene out of it. My favorite memory in the library has to be one of the games we played, called "honey, do you love me". It's basically a game to see if you can make somebody smile by the way you say "honey, do you love me?". If they could respond with a firm "no" without smiling, they won the game. They then moved on to the rest of the class and the last two people played, until somebody could hold their smile. There's many creative ways you can make somebody smile, and my class out of any of them was willing to try anything.

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C. Meyer said...

A neat game . . . did your librarian have you play it? I wonder why . . . there's something symbolic in it, I'm sure.