Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving memories

I know in my last blog I said that divorce in my case was a blessing, and it is..it was. Overall it has been for the better more than for the worse. I have to say though part of my past memories have consisted of tormenting myself when deciding which parent to spend the holiday with. When sombody gives the topic "thanksgiving memories" you don't think of something bad, but I couldn't really think of a prominent thing that really stuck out in my head. Thanksgiving is a very basic idea. It's a day for you to stuff your face, watch some football, spend some time with your family, give thanks for your overdue blessings, and pass out from the turkey. I will leave you with a happy memory though. My favorite Thanksgiving memory has to be learning how to fake like I know what my mom is talking about when she says "you don't MEASURE Liz! You just add until it looks right!" and me yelling "HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN IT LOOKS RIGHT!?" when my mom tried to teach me how to cook a turkey dinner.

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