Wednesday, November 28, 2007

when do i feel most confident

I feel most confident when I am with people that I love, and people that love me. Nothing is more of a confidence booster than to be around people that love you completely for who you are. To them it doesn't matter what my hair looks like at the moment or what I'm wearing. I hate being put in a situation when people are sitting across from you judging you on every aspect of your life, even if it's something your completely unaware of. The people that love you most don't judge you because they know you well enough to already know, accept, and love the flaws that make you, you. I also feel confident when I am dealing with something that has anything to do with the medical profession. I feel good when I am learning about it, and helping to be a part of it. Confidence is something that can be found in many unsuspecting places and something to be kept close, because if something or somebody can make you feel that way it is something to be kept.

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