Wednesday, November 7, 2007

famous people i have met

About two years ago I went up to Marshall, Minnesota with three of my friends. We were very excited to see the Yellowcard concert. I was excited, but I didn't really admit to them that I didn't know the band very well. Dana, one of the girls that went with, was a very big fan of them. We bought t-shirts and listened to the opening band, who I can't remember. We marched our way through the big crowd, and sweet talked people to let us in. Throughout the entire concert I only knew about three songs or so. Even if I had known more I wouldn't had been able to enjoy what I was watching. This was the most violent, crazy crowd I have ever been around, and I've been around some crazy fans. ( I went to a Nine Inch Nails concert. If you know their music, you know why this would be a surprise.) At one point the crowd actually fell with a domino affect and took me down with them. I got scared, but I stuck it out with Dana, who throughout all of this extremely physical activity never drank once. We could not make her take her eyes off of the band. Finally at the end, Dana passed out. I went faithfully with her through the back of the building with the firemen, and when we crossed the threshold to the back, there was the leader of the band. It's amazing how the want of some t-shirt signing can make a passed out girl perk right up.

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