Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween memories.

Halloween has always been a bittersweet time for me. As every child does, I love to go out and get candy without having to pay for it, but the fact that you have to dress as scary people is what has always got me. I still have a picture of one of my first halloweens I can remember. It's a picture of me with my cute rosy cheeks, curls of hair, adorable polka dot costume, and...a clown nose. Little did my mother know that I had already developed a fear for clowns. I always have. To this day, if I see a clown, I almost cry. Something about them gets me. I didn't like them even before I saw the movie It. That only deepened my fear so it would last throughout the rest of my life and probably haunt me enough I'll pass the fear onto my children. I remember my mommy dressing me and puttin on my make-up. Then she turned me around in the mirror to take a gander at myself and I started to cry. Today, for almost 18 year old girls halloween is just a big excuse to go out, dress slutty, and get some candy, but you gotta love it.

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