Monday, October 8, 2007

anything for halloween

This year I have no idea what I'm going to be for halloween. Yes, I do still actually dress up. Hypothetically I would like to be somebody who has all my stuff together. It's my senior year and I feel like I'm stretched so thin I have nothing left to give. Heck, this blog is late! Maybe by halloween I will have it all together. In the sense of actually dressing up, I will probably dress similar to my seven year old sister. It's a running tradition we have. The girls in my grade like to buy "skimpy" outfits to dress up in, on the occasion and go trick-o-treating in but, we end up putting on double layers since it's always cold. I'll wear something simliar to them when we go out. I am excited for Halloween this year. It means the semester is that much closer to being done!

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