Tuesday, October 9, 2007

best breakfast cereal

I am a HUGE fan of cereal. It's one of my top 5 comfort foods. It's generally a food everybody has in their house, and if worse comes to worse I will eat cereal for dinner 7 days a week. I am always in a different mood for a different cereal with my indescisive self, but their is one cereal I will always come running to in the end; captain crunch. I'm not talking about that peanut butter crunch or crunchberry stuff. I'm talking about the real thing-the original. It has a hint of peanut butter, but not so much that you have to use peanut butter in the name. It's sweeter than cherrios but not too sweet like waffle crisp. Captain crunch has to be the best cereal ever, and I'm not just saying that. However, it's most likely not the best for you, so I usually stick to my wheaties!

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C. Meyer said...

I shouldn't have read your wonderful little entry--it's made me crave a bowl of--horror of horrors--Lucky Charms!