Tuesday, October 30, 2007

who do i write for

Who do I write for? Or maybe is it, what do I write for? Actually it's both. Who I write for depends on WHAT I am writing for. If I am writing for one of my classes, it's usually not for me. It's usually for a teacher or for their curriculum(sp). In the end though, I am writing for a grade. A grade in which I will recieive, and will go towards my education. So really when I'm writing for a class I am writing for myself whether the topic interests me or not. When I'm not writing for my classes, I am probably writing in my journal which is strictly for me. I love to write for myself. I love the release I get when I put all my thoughts together and throw them up on a little piece of paper. Then at the end of the day you can put all of your problems on that paper and most of the things you stress about so much seem so small. All writers shouldn't be writing for other people. A writer should love to write, and in return should love to write for themself.

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