Monday, October 22, 2007

a great movie

I have just seen a great movie. It was in my top five, which is a hard barrier to break. I don't really rate movies in my top list. It is call "The Brave One". It's currently in theatres. It's about a woman who is with her boyfriend in New York and they are beat up. I honestly didn't know people beat women seriously, especially like that. Probably a stem out of my sheltered South Dakota childhood. Anyways, her boyfriend dies. Her life is altered forever. She isn't the same person, and it affects her day to day life. First she is scared to even leave her appartment, and when she finally does leave she encounters many things that a person doesn't encounter once in their life. You should go see the movie to see how she handles these scary encounters and how it turns out in the end. It's a little bloody at parts, so if you're like my mom, you might not like it though.

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