Wednesday, October 3, 2007

favorite sport

I love sports. As a child I played basketball, I swam, I played softball, and I started to run track when I was in 7th grade. Two out of the four sports I developed skill in, softball and swimming. Then one fateful day I was going out to catch a pop fly and the ball slipped in between my glove and my face. I had a fat lip for days. I haven't played softball in competition since that day. I stopped swimming when I got older, because it didn't fit into my schedule. I was never BAD at basketball, I just didn't have a wide range of skills. I was good at defense, really good, but that my offense was lacking in skills. I am still in track although it's not the most fun. I am in it, more for the social aspect of it. I have to say my favorite sport to watch is none of these. It's hockey. It's amazing to be right up in there. You can see all of the players get angry, until finally explodes into a fight. With hockey you dont score a million points a game, so every point counts. That makes the game more exciting and every goal makes the crowd sit a little bit closer to the edge of their seat.

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